The High and Low Says…

tampaOfficially launching on 4-14-14, The High and Low is aimed at bringing everyday people news and insight about the cultural world around them. Our topics, of course, will encompass everything from television and film to literature, art, and fashion. But unlike trashy pop magazines or high minded, opaque art critiques, The High and Low is all about bringing the common working class voice to the forefront.

Currently, the website operates out of Tampa, Florida, and a portion of our website will be dedicated to bringing insight and showcasing the talent in the budding Bay area arts movement.

Just last year, Lena Dunham- the creator of HBO’s Girls– said, “[College graduates] are struggling to find jobs and pay the rent and if they struggle for too long, they’re leaving New York…We can’t have our generation’s Patti Smith moving to Tampa. That’s going to seriously fuck our shit up.” Well, you know what? The High and Low says, “Screw you Dunham.” Patti Smith would never endorse your bloated, pretentious, spoiled view of the world, anyway.

timkristenThe High and Low is the lovechild of Kristen Clanton and Tim Snyder and stems from a mutual love of art and conversation, both in its highest and lowest of forms. In the upcoming months, The High and Low website will be expanding and releasing its first hard copy magazine in hopes of reaching out to the nationwide arts community.


If you have time, check us out on Google+!!

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